When can I expect my order?
Please refer to the information page.

What do I do if there’s an error with my order?
Please refer to the refund and exchange policy.

I love you Half Onion. Will you marry me?
It would never work. I’d only end up making you cry.

Where’s the other half?
We don’t talk about that.

Why half an onion in a plastic bag?
It was the object that made me laugh most when I was looking to for something to go head to head with Trump. The fact that it was half, in a pathetic bag, with little bits of broccoli on it just made it so perfect.

Can I follow Half An Onion anywhere other than Twitter?
At the moment, Twitter and this website are the only place to find authentic Half An Onion content. Be leery of imposter accounts. There are quite a few copycats out there. Who would’ve thought people would ever want to be half an onion so bad?

Who is the person behind Half An Onion?
I know it would be so much cooler if it ended up being like Joe Biden or one of the kids from "Stranger Things" or something, but my name's Max Miller and I'm just a guy who decided that half an onion in his fridge had more appeal and charisma than the current President of the United States.

Well, can I follow YOU anywhere else?
Aw, shucks. Sure.

You can follow me on my personal Twitter account. Or over on my personal Instagram.