The Story


On January 20, 2017 - Inauguration Day - as history’s most ridiculous and incompetent president was being sworn in, an unlikely hero emerged from the depths of a refrigerator. A half an onion in a plastic bag took to Twitter where it unexpectedly grew to become a symbol for a very frustrated and disgusted population. With a rapier wit and a love for puns, the Half an Onion quickly became an enjoyable adversary of Donald Trump and his administration.

All jokes aside, I never thought a Twitter account featuring half an onion in a plastic bag would grow to become as popular as it did. I initially created the account out of pure frustration. I figured it would be a place where I could voice my disapproval for Trump and his administration in a humorous manner. I was both flattered and overwhelmed that people responded to it the way they did.

Originally, it was supposed to be a static page. And I understand that was a large part of its initial appeal. However, over time, it has evolved to be a bit more. It has turned into a place where people come together to openly voice their disapproval with the current administration, while poking a bit of fun at it in the process. It became an outlet where people can not only have a laugh, but possibly even learn how to do a bit of good while they’re at it.

As the account grew, a lot of offers to make some quick money off of the account came in. Most wanted to use the account to shove ads and links into the faces of its large following. On top of that, quite a few imposter accounts popped up and tried to take advantage of what I was trying to do. They tried to capitalize on the image and the press by getting people to think they were associated with me and Half an Onion in order to make a few easy bucks for themselves. None of this was really what Half an Onion was about to me.

My ultimate goal was to somehow use it all to lighten some of the daily frustrations and also, to give back. This store is a part of that. You can read more about how a portion of the proceeds from each item will go to charity right here. And, mixed within the Half An Onion humor, you’ll often see a bit of activism and opportunities to give back. I hope it will continue to be exactly that for as long as we all need and want it to be.